Roots of Faith Storm Relief Fund

relief fundPlease donate to the victims of Louisiana flooding. All contributions will go 100% directly to victims of this ongoing disaster.

Southern Louisiana is reeling from the storm that struck the state in the recent days. Rivers surpassed record level flood stages producing unprecedented flooding, which displaced thousands, destroying homes and vehicles across the state. An estimated 20,000 people and their pets have been rescued from flooded areas, and yet some have not yet been reached. Some 10,000 are currently in shelters, and these numbers do not reflect the many who have been taken in by family and friends. Several parishes have been declared National Disasters and more are pending. The damage and suffering is inestimable and this is not going to end anytime soon. State and Federal authorities are working tirelessly to mobilize resources, but much of the help is coming from caring resources, neighbors, church and synagogue groups.

There are many reputable organizations through which one can give. We encourage giving in any way that one feels led. A simple Internet search will yield thousands of options to contribute towards helping the victims. The Roots of Faith Storm Relief Fund is one such effort among the many. It was set up to directly assist the family and friends of this organization primarily. Over the past few days, many of our online friends have asked how they can help.

100% of all contributions will go directly to those affected by the storm. The congregation is already deploying to the area, working to bring relief to those in need. Within our own congregation, we have family members who have lost their homes and who fled with only the clothes on their backs. There is need for food, clothing, diapers, baby formula, toiletries, water and many other basic necessities. In the coming weeks and months there will be needs that arise for home repairs that simply cannot wait until Federal Relief monies are made available. Your prompt assistance is the only way to meet these needs. Please give generously and help us share this Roots of Faith Relief Fund via social media links. Thank you in advance for your generosity!