Israel as the Chosen People

treasureIn this week’s class Ross teaches on the subject of Israel’s status as the chosen people. More and more, this status is challenged in the world today. It is more important now than ever before, that Israel understand and embrace this status, but what does the Bible mean when it speaks of being chosen? Chosen for what? This subject is one that many are uncomfortable with. Does this imply that Israel is God’s favorite? In this teaching, Ross carefully works through some key passages to shed light on this important topic. What does it mean to be called God’s special treasure among all the peoples? Is Israel the chosen people because of their righteousness, or are they to be righteous because they are the chosen people. You will not want to miss this informative class.


A Director of Hebrew Studies for Roots of Faith

yochananyI am pleased to officially announce the appointment of Johnny Powell (Yochanany ben Paschal) as the Director of Hebrew Studies for Roots of Faith. I have known Johnny for more than two decades and consider him one of my teachers since he introduced me to the world of Biblical Hebrew.

Yochanany has a passion for learning and teaching Biblical Hebrew and he is aligned with the goals and vision of Roots of Faith. Yochanany is a respected teacher of Biblical Hebrew with more than 25 years of experience in Biblical Hebrew. Yochanany learned Hebrew under Rabbi Joseph Radinsky while attending synagogue in Houston Texas in the late 1980s. Since successfully passing Rabbi Radinsky’s Hebrew Course requirements, Yochanany has only read and studied the Bible in the original language.

In his role as Director of Hebrew Studies, Yochanany will assume the leadership responsibility for the training of students, the coordination and assignment of Shabbat morning Torah readers, as well as the designation of others who have the requisite skills and who share the goals and vision of Roots of Faith to assist him.

Yochanany lives in Houston, Texas with his wife Jackie. They have two sons and 3 grandchildren.

Please join me in congratulating Yochanany on his appointment to this position, and offer your support to him in this important role.

For more information, or to begin learning Biblical Hebrew, contact Yochanany by email (, or by Skype (yochanany_11918).


Moses’ Greatest Sermon

600px-Moses_Pleading_with_Israel_(crop)In this class, Ross covers what could arguable be considered, Moses’ greatest sermon. Torah reading Va’etchanan contains some of the greatest passages in all of Scripture. This reading has an account of the Ten Words, the Shema, and explains why YHVH chose Israel as His special people. Delivered in the land of Moab, across the Jordan, this sermon still speaks to us today. Ross works through some of the key points of the sermon, illustrating the importance of the words contained therein. You will not want to miss this class.


Devarim with Glenn Chatterton

GChattertonIn this week’s teaching from the Torah portion Devarim, Glenn first provides a general overview of the salient points, then focuses in on an amazing series of word connections between the parsha and the haphtorah reading taken from Isaiah 1:1-27. Glenn shows how these word connections are linked to several key themes outlined in both texts.

Glenn further explores how both texts outline major points of contention between Yehovah and His people in these key areas. He ties the state of Israel as described in Isaiah directly to the failure to follow instructions found in Devarim.

To conclude the lesson, Glenn highlights the solution to their dilemma as indicated by Yehovah himself through the prophet Isaiah. It is a profoundly moving plea by the Creator to His wayward people. The relevance of this lesson to today can not be overstated.


A Line Drawn in Ancient Sand

440px-Sunset_in_the_Negev_Desert_near_Yeruham,_IsraelIn today’s teaching, the final in the Wilderness series, Ross shares a message of relevance for the awakening tribes. He begins by calling people to stand with the Jewish people during this period of time known as Bein HaMetzarim. Citing examples of growing anti-Jewish sentiments around the globe, Ross declares that the proverbial line has been drawn in the sand. On one side of the line are those who bless Israel, and on the other are those who do not. Ross points his listeners to a promise declared to each of the patriarchs and then goes on to show that a Jewish presence in Israel in modern times is the beginning of a prophetic fulfillment. Carefully weaving ancient prophecies with modern realities, Ross suggests that we are living in exciting “biblical” times. What side are you on? You will not want to miss this class.