The Visions of Shaddai

John_Linnell_-_The_Prophet_Balaam_and_the_Angel_-_Google_Art_ProjectIn this, his seventh teaching from the Book of Numbers, Ross covers material found in Torah Reading Balak (Numbers 22:2-25:9). He concentrate on a prophecy found within the Book of Micah. In this ancient prophecy, Israel is told to remember something. What was it that Israel is to remember? It has to do with an evil plan devised by Balak the King of Moab, an answer given to him by a pagan seer by the name of Balaam, and a specific part of the 40 year wilderness Journey. The purpose of this call to remember has relevance for today. Watch this video to discover Israel’s secret – a secret revealed through one who saw the visions of Shaddai.


The Mistake at Merivah

1000px-Nicolas_Poussin_068In this week’s teaching, the 6th in his series on the Book of Numbers, Ross cover the material from Torah reading Chukkat. He focuses on the sin of Moses and Aaron that prevented them from entering the Promised Land. What was the grave offense that they committed? Something went terribly wrong at a place called Merivah in the wilderness. What can we learn from their mistake?


Korach – Who is Holy? (Numbers 16:1-18:32)

640px-Holman_Destruction_of_Korah_Dathan_and_AbiramThis is the fifth class in Ross’ teaching series on the book of Numbers. The class is based upon material in Torah Reading Korach (Numbers 16:1-18:32). Ross begins by carefully working through Ezekiel chapter 20. In this passage of Scripture, Ross points out several relevant thoughts and then develops them to stress the meaning of true holiness. Is holiness a heritage? Can one inherit holiness? What was the sin of Korach?


Tour of Faith – Shelach (Numbers 13-15)

Tissot_The_Grapes_of_CanaanIn this class Ross covers Torah reading Shelach (Numbers 13:1-15:41). It contains the story about a journey of 12 selected men into the Promised Land on a scouting expedition. Ross focuses his teaching on what went wrong on this tour of the land. Within the story we find two distinct reports from those who were selected. Two of the twelve leaders brought back a good report, while the remaining ten brought back a bad report. The story provides insights that help us define what faith really is and what the modern faithful should and should not do.




Roots of Faith Online

bible-mouseRoots of Faith is a Biblical teaching and resource center operated by Ross K. Nichols, as an outreach effort of United Israel World Union. Ross Nichols is a Vice-President of UIWU and an ordained teacher since 2003. Each week, a growing global congregation assembles on-line to participate in an informative Sabbath service where they learn ancient truth for a modern world.

Every Saturday morning at 10:30 AM CST, Ross teaches an exciting and informative lesson on the weekly Torah portion. After the teaching, we read the weekly Torah and Prophet reading and then participate in an open dialogue session about the material covered during the class. During the service, there is a live chat that is open for fellowship. During the dialogue session the local congregation interacts with the on-line congregants in a mutual learning environment where people can share their views and express their opinions so long as they do so in a respectful manner.

What makes these classes refreshing is that the focus of the teaching is on the Scriptures themselves. While tradition and sectarian views are respected, and even discussed at times, the Biblical texts take precedence. All are welcome participants in our growing global on-line community. The classes present the biblical texts, “from the words, in connection with the words and on the basis of the words.

The teachings have been described with kind words from our listeners. They have been described as instructive, insightful, fresh, realistic, challenging, and eye opening. While the teachings often present conclusions that stand in opposition to fundamentally accepted beliefs, the presentation and delivery have been described as sensitive, respectful and humble. The goal is to make the teachings of Torah plain so that those who wish to live accordingly may be prepared and encouraged to do so.

Ross describes his own approach as “Preaching Moses every Sabbath.” The ancient teachings of Moses and of the Hebrew Scriptures are presented as relevant instruction for today, thus the slogan of Roots of Faith is, “Ancient truth for a modern world.”

One can join our services weekly via live audio or video, or for those who cannot join in live, the lessons are uploaded to our site and are also available on YouTube and iTunes where they can be downloaded to your personal devices and listened to at your convenience.

If you are looking for a place where the Scriptures are proclaimed from their original and thoroughly Hebraic perspective, and where anyone who believes in the God of Israel and seeks to live according to the principles of the Hebrew Bible is welcome, then Roots of Faith may be what you have been looking for.

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