Joseph Saga – Part One

I460px-Friedrich_Wilhelm_Schadow_001n this week’s teaching, Ross begins his series on the Joseph Saga. The story of Joseph is told in the final four Torah portions of the book of Genesis. Joseph is portrayed as the favored son of Jacob, born to his favorite wife Rachel. Through a series of events, Joseph is sold into slavery by his brothers who devise a plot that convinces his father that he is dead. Joseph is taken to Egypt where he once again ends up through circumstances beyond his control in a prison house. Ross shows through the course of this teaching that these stories, while presenting sacred history, could very well provide insights into the future fulfillment of prophecies related to Joseph’s latter day descendants. What can we learn from the life of the dream master? You will not want to miss this teaching!


Torah in Tweets

twitter1In our modern world of social media, ministries are becoming more and more technologically savvy. Roots of Faith is no exception. We are always looking for ways to share our message of biblical truth with our growing global congregation. Facebook is our primary vehicle for sharing Torah Faith, but we also use Twitter and are considering ways to make better use of this social media service. This post is intended to announce something new for our followers on Twitter. Twitter allows its users to communicate in short, 140-character messages known as Tweets. I had an idea that it might be interesting to publish a Tweet each week summarizing the weekly Torah portion. I immediately contacted my good friend John Perry and asked for his help. John, known to members of Roots of Faith as Baruch (so called for his scribal efforts) accepted the challenge and we are officially launching Torah in Tweets this week. If you have a Twitter account, you will not want to miss these weekly 140-character summaries of the Torah portions. The goal is to publish the entire Torah in Tweets, week by week until the entire Torah has been published. Obviously these Tweets will be very brief. This is the nature of Twitter. Follow us on Twitter and be sure a retweet our Tweets! Help is spread the Torah. This is one way to begin to learn the Torah while standing on one leg!

Here is a sample Tweet for Torah reading VaYeshev. It is less than 140 characters and summarizes the major material from the Torah reading.

Sample Tweet
VaYeshev: Joseph’s dreams, Saved and sold, Judah and Tamar, Joseph in Egypt, Potiphar’s wife, Interprets dreams of cupbearer and baker.

Feel free to provide us with your feedback, and thanks for your interest in Roots of Faith!


Jacob’s Return Home

500px-Leloir_-_Jacob_Wrestling_with_the_AngelIn this week’s teaching Ross provides a picture of Israel’s return based upon the Torah’s story of Jacob’s return to the promised land. Weaving the patriarchal narratives with prophetic texts, Ross suggests that the historical narratives give hints to a latter day return to the land by Israel. Within the story of Jacob’s return are indications that Israel will be divided into two camps before they enter the promised land. We also learn that the idols must be dealt with prior to returning to the land. What else does the story of Jacob’s return tell us about the return of his present day descendants? You will not want to miss this class.


Walking in the Way

sandals-walkIn today’s class Ross teaches on the subject of walking in the Way of Yehovah. He uses several examples from the patriarchal narratives to show that there have always been people, who despite the actions of the majority, have been singled out for their righteous behavior. He cites passages related to Noah, Abraham, and Job. What was it about these men that set them apart? How did their righteous walk affect those around them? While mankind has demonstrated a tendency towards sin, there are those who in every generation have “walked with God.” He appeals to the words of David to make his final point concerning the formation of the thoughts of the heart. You will not want to miss this teaching on walking upright with God in this generation.


Lech Lecha – Glenn Chatterton

500px-Abraham_Journeying_into_the_Land_of_CanaanIn this class, Glenn explores the exciting Torah portion Lech Lecha – “Walk for Yourself”. Abraham receives this amazing charge from Yehovah, along with instructions to leave family, friends and homeland to embark on a journey to an unknown destination. Thus begins an incredible saga of a man destined to become The Father of the Faithful.

Glenn seizes upon the call of the prophet from Isaiah 51:1-2 to look to Abraham and lays out ten aspects of this singularly important individual’s life that are of paramount importance for the walk of everyone who follows after righteousness. Starting in the Torah, then through the history, the Psalms and the Prophets, Glenn builds a compelling case for his declaration that Abraham was perhaps the most important figure in human history.

Join Glenn as he begins with Abraham’s call and follows his life and influence through the TaNaKH and even into later writings. This class lays the foundation for each believer to learn to “walk for themselves”.