Make Me a Holy Place

780px-The_Desert_Tabernacle_(Mishkan)_-_Layout_and_Dimensions_-_FullThis week Ross begins his teaching series on the tabernacle. There is more information on the tabernacle and its furnishings than any other subject. There are an estimated 300 passages! Could the subject really be THAT important? In this class from Torah reading Terumah, Ross highlights what is required to make a holy place for our God. Whether speaking of the tent or the Temple, the same is required. Those who contribute to the work must do so from a willing heart. You will not want to miss this teaching.


The Fire Law

700px-The_Ten_Commandments_(Bible_Card)In this week’s class, Ross shares a message in his series from the Book of Exodus on the giving of the Ten Words. Beginning with Moses’ first encounter with God at Horeb, Ross shows that the entire plan of salvation culminates in a revelation that would take place in that very place known as the Mountain of God. He connects the two events, showing that the former is a sign of the latter. Time and again, Scripture relates that YHVH communicated His covenant to the entire assembly of Israel from the midst of the fire. What was spoken from the midst of the fire? These words are the subject of this class. You will not want to miss this teaching on Fire Law!


Salvation – the Final Act

Tissot_The_Egyptians_Are_DestroyedIn this week’s teaching Ross covers the final act of Israel’s deliverance from Egypt. He begins by establishing the connection between Israel’s salvation and the lovingkindness or chesed of YHVH as it relates to the greatest story of redemption ever told. He demonstrates through Scripture that the ultimate purpose of the Exodus was to make YHVH known in all the earth. Ross shows that the salvation of Israel involves the destruction of the enemy AND the saving of God’s people and makes the point that this theme is often repeated in the Bible. Carefully working through passages, Ross shows that the fear of YHVH and trust in YHVH and Moses were prerequisites for salvation and proposes that the same is required today. You will not want to miss this teaching.


Saving God’s Son – Part One

400px-Tissot_Water_Is_Changed_into_BloodIn this teaching on Torah reading VaEra, Ross shares the reason for Israel’s deliverance from Egypt. Beginning with God’s word to Abram about the enslavement of his descendants, Ross covers sets the stage for a clear understanding of the salvation of God’s firstborn son – Israel. He shows that the promised salvation is brought about through a series of signs and wonders, meant to strike the oppressing nation for the purpose of making YHVH known in all the earth. He further shows that these signs and wonders testified to the Oneness of God and was intended to be remembered as the greatest act of salvation ever accomplished. That is, until some future deliverance will overshadow the exodus from Egypt. Ross compares these two events, demonstrating that most likely the 2nd Exodus will follow a similar pattern but on a greater scale. You will not want to miss this teaching!


The Path to the Promised Land Goes through Egypt

Tissot_Pharaoh_Notes_the_Importance_of_the_Jewish_PeopleIn this interpretation of the Parsha Shemot, Glenn explores the Psalmist’s observation in Psalm 106 that the Children of Israel did not understand the purpose of the signs and wonders wrought by YHVH in delivering them from Egypt. The Psalmist also indicates that they forgot their God who delivered them.

Beginning in Deuteronomy and then from the prophet Isaiah, Glenn develops two main things YHVH intended for the Children of Israel to gain from this single most profound event in history. Using references from the Psalms, he builds on these two points and shows how this failure to understand and remember resulted in exile.

Glenn then shows how ultimately the Children of Israel will learn these lessons and obtain the promises sworn to their fathers.