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HebrewHelpThis project began as part of my own personal study, but has over the years, developed into something that can be used by other students of Biblical Hebrew. You are welcome to download, print, and distribute copies of these documents. My goal here is to provide you with helpful tools in your study of Biblical Hebrew.

The Hebrew Sounds (Letters & Vowels)

These charts will provide you with the basic characters and signs for expressing sounds in Biblical Hebrew. There are two charts (AlefBet and Vowel Sounds Chart).


Vowel Sounds Chart

Vocabulary Lists

Here are some vocabulary lists based upon frequency of occurrence of words in the Hebrew Bible.The list of words was taken directly from my set of Vis-Ed, Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary Cards. These cards are an excellent help in learning Hebrew vocabulary. I did not elect to use the definition supplied on the cards at all times, though the definitions are usually very good and accurate. Instead, I looked every word up using the Hebrew and English Lexicon of the Old Testament, Francis Brown, S.R. Driver, C.A. Briggs (Oxford edition), and determined the most basic definition of each word in question. I then looked up every occurrence of these words using The Englishman’s Hebrew Concordance of the Old Testament to check them in context. These two methods were then combined to produce what is found in the definition. The lists are compiled in order of frequency of occurrence, so that for instance the file named Hebrew Verbs 500-5000, contains all verbs occurring 500-5,000 times in the Hebrew Bible. I propose that one master them in order as I have them on this page. Learn all words occurring more than 500 times and then move to the next list. In no time at all, you will have a workable vocabulary.

Hebrew Verbs 500-5000

Hebrew Nouns 500-5000

Hebrew Verbs 200-500

Hebrew Nouns 200-500

Hebrew Verbs 100-200

Hebrew Nouns 100-200

Hebrew Verbs 50-100

Hebrew Nouns 50-100

Hebrew Verbs 25-50

Hebrew Nouns 25-50

Hebrew Independent Pronouns

Hebrew Adverbs, Prep., and Part.


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