Works Without Faith Is Dead Too!

The Book of James, in the Christian Scriptures, says that “faith without works is dead.” Many have used this to advance one form or another of a faith more based on the careful observance of biblical, and or traditional law. Join Ross Nichols as he takes a closer look at faith. Is faith a matter of belief? Is the Torah faith movement making believers, or is it becoming a movement of make-believers?


Be Strong and Courageous!

strongandcourageousLife has a way of throwing obstacles in our paths. The tendency of many is to lose heart, to give in to our fears, and to listen to the negative voices around us. In this inspiring and faith-filled class, Ross Nichols shares the Bible’s answer to fear and failure – a commandment that leads to success and victory! The teaching is based upon two Hebrew words. Two words that are essential for building and maintaining a properly placed faith. They are words of authority (spiritual and otherwise), words of support, encouragement, words that prepare one’s heart for any task – great or small, and words that possess the power to plant confidence in the soul. They are required for true leadership, they pave the way to success, provide the answer to mastering man’s oldest and strongest emotion. They enable one to both conquer and console, and they are a commandment!

*Photo is of Hunter Beall (Ross’ son-in-law) competing in a CrossFit competition.



Roots of Faith – Going Forward!

In this week’s teaching, Ross presents his vision for a path forward for Roots of Faith. He begins with two passages from the prophet Isaiah that inspired a new direction for the weekly services. Having taught from the weekly Torah portions for the past several years, Ross shares his intention of going forward into the rest of the Hebrew Bible with the goal of sharing a more expanded view of ancient truth for a modern world.


Steve Jobs, The Torah and Technology

440px-Steve_Jobs_Headshot_2010-CROPToday marks four years since the passing of Steve Jobs on October 5, 2011. As an owner of a MacBook Pro, an iPad Mini, an Apple watch, and an iPhone, I guess you could call me an Apple man. I love these wonderful devices. I recall when the first iPhone was released. The Torah reading was Balak, which tells the story of Balaam, the pagan prophet who was hired to curse Israel but ended up blessing them instead. I found it interesting then, and still do, that this was not the first technological advancement that was associated with this ancient Torah reading.

On Shavuot (Pentecost), in the year 1844, a similar advancement in technology took place. At 8:45 AM on Friday, May 24th, 1844, Samuel Morse sent a communication from Washington to Alfred Vail in Baltimore. The technology revolution of that time was called the telegraph – formed by two Greek words; tele=far and graphy=to write.

Interestingly, the same words that were telegraphed on Pentecost 1844 were also read on the day that Apple released the first iPhone. In 1844, Annie Ellsworth sent the first telegraphed message. It was short, and taken from the King James Version of the Bible. The message said, “What hath God wrought?” Annie Ellsworth chose Balaam’s words to inaugurate the Technological Communication Age and then the latest “revolution” in Communication Technology was released on the day that these words were read again in synagogues throughout the world!

Is there something deeper in all of this? Is there a Divine hand at work? I am a fan of technology and continually seek new ways to utilize it in my efforts to teach the Bible. Steve Jobs and Apple have been very instrumental in providing innovative devices that enable me to reach the ends of the earth with my teachings. His work has been a blessing to me and to many others. Thinking of the genius today. May he rest in peace, and may his name be for a blessing.

Samuel Morse sent a final telegraph in June of 1871. It read, “Greetings and thanks to the telegraph Fraternity throughout the world, Glory to God in the Highest, on earth, peace, goodwill to men.” May we always find more ways to speak and communicate God’s prophetic word through modern technology! Indeed, what hath God wrought!